Frank, Please do share: it's nice to share with a fellow writer. My, you have much more experience in writing than I do! And that was an interesting story about you and Denise Larkin. My current poem published with "The Lark" is doing well with claps. No, that was not a typo. I know the exact date I wrote my first poem because I wrote it about a friend, saved it first in e-mail (9/22/20) and later in Word. Thereafter, circa mid-October 2020, I began publishing with Medium. I also published two poems in a printed poetry magazine called "Tokens." My prior writing experience was exclusively academic. I did publish my dissertation research on Shanghai, China, which is available on Amazon. Take a look: you can read the first six pages or so for free (just search under my name). I also published an academic essay on critical hermeneutics. I completed a Doctorate of Education degree from USF in 2009. Falling asleep yet?! ...In any case, no illustrious background in poetry. I do write (almost) every day. Some of the poems are rather mediocre, but I think a few are actually good poems. I don't publish everything I write. Well, enough about that. Please tell me more about your own writing endeavors. How many poems have you published so far? I really liked the birthday poem for your wife. Best wishes to you, my fellow poet, Amy

I am a sinologist, researcher, and poet, with a Doctorate of Education degree in Organizational Development and Leadership from the University of San Francisco.

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